Forum and In-game rules.

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Forum and In-game rules.

Post  Bor. on Fri Aug 06, 2010 12:26 am

* GBA Forum RUGS (Responsible User Guidlines)-

-Respect other users.

-No posting of obscene images or offensive material.

-No trolling.

-Try your best to post in the appropriate section.

-Account Spam will result in all account being banned.

-Do not ‘Spam’ posts:

+Off Topic posts.

+Stupid posts (Ones that have stupid Internet memes or that are hard to understand).

+Inflammatory posts.

+Double, Triple, etc. posts.

* GBA In-Game RUGS-

-No excessive flaming/cussing with or at other persons.

-Use of |GBA| tag while not in clan will not be tolerated.

-Hacking will result in a ban, no questions asked (length to be determined).

+Including but not restricted to:




-All servers will be tolerant of new players.

-Do not DECON.

-Do not move OM/RC without team consent. (see above.)

-Do not glitch build.

-No spamming.

-Use your common sense.

-Have fun! Cool
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