Override if No one present

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Override if No one present

Post  The Hovel Humper on Mon Nov 01, 2010 2:11 am

DucTape wrote:
Unforgiven7120 wrote:Qweefzilla was talking about THE FORUMS, not the server. But glad you're making progress on another topic.
*cough cough*
Maybe make a thread for the override votes?

Swamp, You seem to know quite a bit about coding, would you be able to make one?

It probably will need a

- 85% pass vote (The Abuse passvote)
-The ability to wear of if anyone else shows up (Enters the game)
-God and Noclip go
-All credits from override to disappear along with weapons and armour.

Unless you're able to make that I'm not able to see it any time soon.


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